About Nuon Storage BV

One-stop service in the port of Rotterdam

What if you would need to berth your vessel on just one quay in the Port of Rotterdam? How much time and money would you save if you need only one berth for lay-by, ship-to-ship transhipments, nitrogen and steam supply?

And how much hassle will you avoid when you need only one contact person to arrange STS transhipments, N2-services, fenders, hoses, stores delivery and slop disposal?

You would save a lot of time and thus a lot of money. And it’s possible at Nuon Storage BV.

Save time and money at our multipurpose terminal

Nuon Storage B.V. is a multipurpose bunkel fuel terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. We offer multiple facilities at our quay and jetties. Choosing Nuon Storage B.V. means no translocating after a ship-ship transhipment to get the nitrogen service you need. No extra costs for stores delivery over water, because your vessel can be serviced from land. No losing time by moving from one quay to the other.

With our extensive range of utility services next to our modern 240,000 cbm tank storage facility, we offer a one-stop service for ship owners, charterers, traders and port agents who want to save time and money. See the STR infographic for our terminal specifications.

Tank storage and one-stop benefits

Nuon Storage B.V. was created in 2005 within a maritime holding. We started with ship-to-ship transhipments, lay-by and utility services. Our first tank park (TP100) with a storage capacity of 65,000 cbm has been in operations since 2005. Our business developed prosperously, leading us in 2012 to expand our storage capacity with an additional 175,000 cbm in our second tank park (TP200).

We operate a global network of terminals located at strategic locations along major trade routes.


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