Quality & safety

Fraud alert

In recent months we have become aware of various incidents of fraud in the name of Nuon Storage BV. Third parties unlawfully claimed to be legal / commercial representatives of Nuon Storage BV and offered storage capacity on our terminal.

We hereby inform you that Nuon Storage BV does and will not:

  • offer its existing tank storage capacity to third parties;
  • have any commercial connection with third parties / other terminals for the storage of any products at our existing tanks;
  • give access to the Nuon Storage BV facility to uninvited representatives.

If you have any doubt about a communication you have received claiming to be from Nuon Storage BV, please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: Nuon Storage BV will report to the police and local authorities any attempt of fraud, falsification or any kind of abuse of the company name, logo, templates, etc.

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