Nuon Storage BV Lay By Berthing




Strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam, Nuon Storage BV offers the perfect location for lay-by service at our quay with a total length of over 450 meters.

In addition and if available, vessels up to 280x50 meter with a maximum draught of 14,65 meter, can berth outside our T-Jetty.

Berthing Objective

The objective of the Berthing Policy at Nuon Storage BV is to provide well-defined, transparent, and non-discriminatory guidelines for the allocation of berths at the Port, based on vessel pre-notification, arrival, and administrative compliances.


The aim is to provide the user with relevant information for planning of a vessel call at the port and the charges that are likely to be incurred.

Berthing scheme: First come First serve (FCFS)

The Port, as a general rule, adopts the policy of First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis. Container vessels are generally accepted base on their berthing windows as agreed between the shipping line and the Container Terminal.

When you berth your vessel at our terminal, you can enjoy additional, timesaving benefits of:

For more information on the lay-by service of Nuon Storage BV, please contact us. or write us: