Nuon Storage BV Logistics


Nuon Storage BV offers customized solutions for logistics supported by a first-class fleet counting more than 45 vessels in our group-owned company. This ensures reliable and flexible operation with an independent position in comparison with the general cargo

At the same time we are committed to full service provision and providing a complete solution for our clients’ concerns. This combination enables us to offer competitive solutions and to maintain optimum client satisfaction. So it is hardly surprising that we enjoy long-standing relations with many of our clients – going back tens of years in some cases.

Reasons For Choosing Nuon Storage BV for Tank farm logistics

For just about every fuel storage & logistic challenge – however large, complex or specific – we have the right resources and know how available to foster your trading experience

We work safely - because of our state of the art equipment, our terminal is the benchmark in the business. For example, each tank has its own fire extinguishing system. We constantly pay attention to safety.

Nuon Storage BV has very valuable expertise and experience, which we have built up over the years.

We will give you 100% attention - the flexible options of our terminal are proof that we care. We listen and help you find solutions with our creativity.

Both small clients and multinationals have been placing their faith in our cost efficient Fuel storage and freight management solutions for many years, and we will always maintain the relationship.

Nuon Storage BV is a 100% autonomous and independent Company, which means we can always offer you the best solution.

We have access to a carefully assembled network of strategic partners that we have worked with for years.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship forms an important aspect of our operations. We care about people and the community.

Other Logistics program

Nuon Storage B.V Logistics acquired 150.000 m² of bonded, hazardous goods-classified warehouse space in Belgium (Antwerp) and the Netherlands (Rotterdam) as of 29th November 2017.

Nuon Storage B.V continues to operate warehousing activities in Germany for the safe storage and handling of classified and non-classified materials.

Scope of activities:

  • Warehousing: storage and handling of packed chemicals
  • Additional services: labelling, re-palletising, wrapping, strapping, etc.
  • Storage, handling, heating of ISO-tank containers order administration & inventory management

Storage locations

Nuon Storage B.V is one of the market leader in warehousing and handling of hazardous packed chemicals in Western Europe. The GROUP operates more than 200.000 m² of STATE OF THE ART bonded chemical warehousing space for the storage and handling of classified and non-classified materials.

Antwerp (B) Rotterdam (NL)
150,000 m²
Bonded warehouse
Temp. controlled storage
9,200m3 container storage
Rail and road connection
200,000 m²
Bonded warehouse
Temp. controlled storage
Rail,Road and Barge connection



Transporting and distributing your packed specialty chemicals goods might also require additional services. Nuon Storage B.V Logistics offers Value Added Logistics services that complement your total supply chain solution for these type of goods.

With 9 high performing filling lines in both the Antwerp and Rotterdam region, Nuon Storage B.V Logistics is able to fill drums, IBC's and smaller packages as from 1 liter. All services regarding the handling of our customers products are fulfilled according to international laws, regulations and business practices. Our infrastructure and independent on-site quality control allows us to optimize your logistics flow, ranging from pilot projects till full industrial production.


Nuon Storage B.V Logistics provides different volumes of reactors, raw material – rundown - and finished product tanks for processing operations. Value Adding Logistics Services at our ADR and non-ADR warehouses include filling, repack filling, labeling and purchasing of empty packaging material.

  • Small bottles (1-5 Liter) filling
  • 200 Liter drum / 60 Liter drum filling
  • Liter IBC filling
  • bagging operations
  • mobile drumming services
  • processing and blending of specialty packed chemicals
  • filling liquid into pail, drum & IBC
  • packed liquid to bulk liquid
  • bulk liquid to bulk liquid(road tankers vs. Rail tankcars vs. ISO tankcontainers
  • filling dry bulk into bags and bigbags
  • bag to dry bulk
  • blending liquids
  • mixing liquids
  • processing liquids
  • repacking dry chemicals
  • repacking liquids
  • mobile drumming services(filling into pail, drum and IBC) at
  • customer/production locations

European Gateway logistics (VAT issues)

Cargo flows, containers and general cargo that reach Europe by maritime logistics mostly arrive via the major European ports Rotterdam and Antwerp. For many customers, these two main ports represent the “Gateway to Europe”.

Nuon Storage B.V has developed huge skills and competence in maritime logistics, customs clearance services and on-transportation by truck, barge, rail, feeder vessel. We handle the warehousing, inventory management, storage(bonded or customs cleared), information management, transportation of these cargo flows to the final destination .

Our services and competencies in the European Gateway logistics are f.e.:

  • Order processing
  • Warehousing / storage / handling of the cargo
  • Customs coordination / customs clearance
  • Fiscal representation for VAT
  • Release of cargo at container terminals
  • Dispatch of import containers and import cargo
  • On-carriage and distribution services by road, rail, barge and combined traffic modalities
  • Information management and materials flow management
  • Supply Chain control, visibility and reliability
  • Key Performance Indicator management

The European VAT-system is rather complicated.

As a result of the removal of fiscal borders within the European Union(EU) per 1 January 1993, foreign entrepreneurs more often get into touch with the Dutch and Belgium VAT. The term “foreign entrepreneurs” is understood to mean entrepreneurs who are not domiciled or resident in the Netherlands or Belgium and have no permanent establishment either.

In the Netherlands and Belgium it is possible for a foreign entrepreneur to have himself represented by a tax representative. He acts on behalf of the foreign entrepreneur as regards the declaration and payment of (Dutch or Belgium) VAT and other administrative obligations, such as the so-called listing and declaration for the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Value Added Tax for import

In the Netherlands and Belgium it is possible to shift payment of VAT which is due in case of import to the periodic domestic declaration of the Dutch importer, who has obtained a licence to do so. By appointing a tax representative a foreign entrepreneur can also avail himself of this possibility in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The procedure is as follows: on behalf of the foreign entrepreneur the tax representative performs the periodic domestic declaration of VAT, in which the VAT due upon import is stated. In the same declaration, however, t his VAT due is deducted again. Thus nothing is paid on balance. In the normal import declaration VAT must be paid back simultaneously with the import. Only later can this be claimed back from the Tax Department.

The possibility of applying this arrangement entails a major liquidity and financial advantage for the foreign entrepreneur.

There are two forms of fiscal representation:

  • Limited fiscal representation
  • General fiscal representation

Nuon Storage BV will be pleased to assist you with your customs formalities and limited fiscal representation.

Emerging Markets Logistics

The logistics world is becoming more and more complex as globalization opens new emerging markets and creates new opportunities. The dynamic economic development of the emerging markets is fundamentally changing world trade. The hubs and trade routes of global flows of goods will gradually shift towards the emerging

Thanks to this strong development new logistics markets will appear on the world map. New cargo flows and supply chains are being developed to these interesting markets.

Due to the reorientation of flows of goods, substantial opportunities are open to international logistics service providers. Looking at future transport routes and the increasing transport volumes, emerging markets need to invest heavily in transport infrastructure in order to handle the sheer size.

Nuon Storage BV has a strong focus on Business development to Emerging (niche) markets. The rise of the so called BRIC countries(Brasil, Russia, India, China) has opened very interesting new (niche)-markets.

Nuon Storage BV also considers Turkey as a Key (emerging) growth market.

The most interesting emerging markets where Nuon Storage BV is active already are:

  • Eastern Europe, Russia & Central Asia
  • Turkey and Black Sea area
  • China
  • India