Stakeholder engagement

Nuon Storage B.V aims for transparency and an open dialogue with its various stakeholders.

Transparency creates trust, and an open dialogue provides valuable insights into our business and operating environments. We maintain direct and regular contact with our stakeholders throughout many levels in our organization, using various channels such as meetings, surveys, capital market updates, roadshows and webcasts.

In order to identify and determine the strategic sustainability priorities going forward, we conducted a stakeholder exercise in 2016 among a diverse group of stakeholders spread across the globe. In this exercise, we engaged with our internal and external stakeholders. A total of nine stakeholder groups and their key topics were identified:

Shareholder information

Nuon Storage BV follows an open information policy towards investors and other parties interested in the financial status of the company.

The purpose is to inform these stakeholders as fully and as early as possible about Nuon Storage BV’s policies and changes within the company.

We refer to the IR policy regarding bilateral contacts with shareholders.