Nuon Storage BV Transhipment

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The Technological Capabilities of the Terminal

The Nuon Storage BV Terminal offers transhipment services in the form of freight forwarding by rail; the off loading of oil products from tankers and railway tank cars (RTCs) direct to its shore tanks; storage of petroleum products and the loading of products to vessels.

Petroleum products currently handled are the following: diesel and heating oils, lube base-stock and high viscosity oil products requiring heating.

The RTC discharge station, shore tanks and pumping station are located at the station with the pipeline and all technical facilities .

The discharge station allows for the simultaneous unloading of the following number of RTCs:

  • lube base-stock – 10 RTCs;
  • diesel/heating oil –10 RTCs;
  • high viscosity oil products – 8 RTCs.

The terminal’s railway is capable of accommodating simultaneously 58 RTCs awaiting discharge.

The capacity of cargo pumps at the RTC discharge station:

  • for lube base-stock 150 - 250 m3/h;
  • for diesel 300 - 500 m3/h.

The terminal tank farm consists of 19 shore tanks with a total capacity of 30,800 m3. The terminal also has a PUP-1, fully autonomous floating terminal, (floating oil barge ‘PUP-1’), with a total capacity of 3000 m3 for the storage of low viscosity clean petroleum products only.

The performance of the cargo pump station at the terminal are as follow:

  • for lube base-stock 150 - 250 m3/h;
  • for diesel 200 - 500 m3/h.

Main technical features of the JM-15 jetty:

  • maximum LOA of vessel - 160m;
  • maximum beam of vessel - 27m;
  • maximum permitted vessel draught at zero water level – 9m.

The cargo pipeline from the pump station to the jetty has a 200mm diameter, with a capacity of approximately 40 m3 of oil products. The total capacity of the terminal’s pipelines is approximately 190 m3. All cargo pipelines have the ability to be blown through with air. There are three separate cargo pipelines: for fuel oil, diesel and base oils.

The terminal also has the capability to handle high viscosity dark-oil products (fuel oil, deasphalitizates [DAO], coal tar etc.). The capacity of the RTC discharge station, whilst utilising circulatory heating, is for the simultaneous unloading of 8 RTCs. The total capacity of the tank farm for the storage of high viscosity dark-oil products is 7700 m3, of which 2 tanks are underground, with capacities of 2350 m3 each and 3 ground tanks with capacities of 1000 m3 each. All of these are equipped with the facility to provide circulatory heating. The 200mm diameter pipeline to the jetty is insulated, electrically heated and has a length of approximately 800 m. The capacity of the discharging pumps for high viscosity oil products is 200-300 m3/h.

The total capacity of the tank farm for the storage of lube base-stock is 17,900 m3. All 10 tanks have stationary heating and the facility for the segregated distribution of stored product, as well as for reheating and maintaining temperature and circulation.

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